We live in a red city

When I said his dreams came true the other evening that's what I meant.. Now all is surrounded by red playmobil parts and firemen and firetrucks. Big brother is amazing!  I can't start to explain the joy he finds in this gifts...He is busy busy all day with creating stories about a fire in Azriely (a mall in Tel Aviv) and how his firemen are brave enough to save all the people and to take over the fire. I'm amazed by his imagination and his ability to tell a story with the smallest details in it. I love him tremendously for being what he is, such a clever little guy! 
There are few prestige's jobs in the world like working for Google or apple or  whatever you want to name it, but I think working for playmobil is the winner! seriously, how beautifully design are their products?? If they want me I'm there! 
To finish with the birthday mania, I received few emails asking me what was inside the gift bags..I guess it wasn't clear from yesterday snapshots. So first I bought the cellophane bags and measured them. Then I created files using photosop for each bag. I googled the fire truck image and found this one I love. The kisses are from 2 days ago post you can find the original link here. The stickers are file printed on a sticker paper and cut with a 2" punch. The gift is from Imaginarium, and that's it. Way easier than it looks. I find this gift bags more attractive to kids, I really don't think they have to be full of sugary stuff after a sugary party... :)

Last, just an old photo from a month ago, as I was cleaning my computer for my new hard disk I found this. No words.  

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