New starts and a gift idea

  Looking for a cool gift? every day gift? Want to surprise someone you love? I found this idea online and felt in love immediately! Only few simple steps and you have it... just don't forget to wrap in nicely.. (more about cool wrap soon...)

Take your iPhone ,download instagram / hipstamatic ,take lots of pictures, choose a cool box and measure it.  Print the photos 1/2 cm smaller than the box and cut (around the white square). Put in the box (mine is from Steimatzky) and give to someone you  love :) easy! I gave my parents a box with many pictures of theirs grandsons and they were very happy. I left some room in the box to fill later .. now that's one goal I have for this upcoming year. I don't have huge resolution for my self this year, all I want is my kids and my husband to be happy and healthy, oh..and I do need few things to be done - like cleaning some mass? donating some toys..?

Yes. I do have to make order in the toy land here..  Actually, I have a small wish for myself..nothing fancy...

That's it. I'm humble. Let's make the most out of this year! Happy happy new year!!

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