Fireman sam

Remember the post from two days ago? How Superman almost ate you?? I'm happy to announce you don't have to worry anymore, ho, and you don't have to worry from a fire too - case fireman Sam is on the house!!! superman is behind us and Sammy is the now time saver. I love him so much for this role play he adapted lately..  Now his world is being narrow to firemen and firetrucks. His birthday is coming and everyone knows what he is getting... What he doesn't know is that we already bought it... Have a great weekend ! xoxo 


  1. יאניק החמוד!!!! איזה מותק הוא, יאללה.
    את מרשה לו ללכת עם קרוקס?

  2. לא מבחינת סטייל ולא מבחינת קור אבל אי אפשר עליו... הוא מחשיב אותם כחלק מהתחפושת של סמי הכבאי...