Home made playdough

Looking on line for the perfect playdough recipe I discovered my favorite blogs, I guess all stay at home moms likes to make their homemade playdough... Big brother loves it and he even loves more to help me make it, it's a great activity for rainy days.
p.s - I took this picture with my old camera a year ago, sorry for the quality :(

Playdough recipe:
1 cup flour,  1/4 cup salt,   2 tablespoons cream of tartar
mix together and add 1 cup water and 1 tablespoon oil
add food coloring mix with fork until smooth
Boil over medium heat until thick about 5 minutes.
knead until cool and play!
cream of tartar can be found at the big supermarkets over the spices shelf, or you can go to special cooking stores like 4cheff and buy it there. Don't forget to store it in an air tight box to prevent dryness. Your home made playdough will last for a few months!!!
When big brother turned 2 I made a bunch of playdough and gave to his friends in the treat bag, instead   of the traditional candy. They were all very happy!!!

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