OMG!! He is three!

OMG! Next week big brother is 3! I'm not sure who is exited more him or me...I hold my head and can't realize how gifted I'm to have him in my life. From day one I used to sing him the song "you are my sunshine" at least once a day..now he knows all the words by heart and he sings to his little sister.. (we don't speak English at home :) ) Last year I started a tradition to give him as a present a book full of his photos from the past year. He loves to look at photos, he has his own copie and no one is allowed to have it beside him. This year I'm behind the schedule because I noticed I don't have some very important images that reflect his life. So I'm working hard this week to fill the gap, for example, one of his day's highlights is taking a shower but our bath is so not photogenic and the light is horrible.
  A quick visit to my parents home solved this issue.
 Few more clicks and we have a story.
For my birthday this year I'm asking to move to a glass house with glass skylight. Not much.. Or maybe we will pack our stuff and move to The Netherlands... 

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