My man of tomorrow

Today I took my kids to get theirs vaccine, and I was busy all morning. Running this blog makes me happy especially when I know you guys are visiting me everyday now. But it's very time consuming and sometimes my mornings are full, so I try to write few posts ahead and be prepared for rainy days.. This morning I couldn't find one material I needed on time, so I decided to share with you a post I wrote for purim... I know there is still time, but I'm sure I wont be lack of photos at purim time so here we go...
This is the moment I have been waiting for, big brother to discover superheros and costumes. At his first purim he was batman, only 6 weeks old! At second purim he was  a chick.   At third purim my mother bought him a custom of a fireman (Samy) because he  r e a l l y  wanted, but it ended up in his bag. My mother in law sewed him this lovely superman costume and for three weeks straight he didn't leave the house without it. Scaring people in the streets feeling powerful and cool. This upcoming purim he wants to be a dinosaur, I have a backup  - bob the builder, but why do I have the feeling it's gonna end up like last year (in his bag..) and in December or May you will walk the streets and the man of steel will try to eat you.....?

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  1. אצלנו זה בדיוק אותו הדבר! התחפושות יושבות בתיק בפורים וכל שאר השנה הן חוגגות!!!