Recycle toys

As you already know I like toys alot. Now, most of them are very pretty, photogenic sophisticate and expensive. Some of them don't last long, and from some of them big brother gets over too soon. We have a bag full of cheep plastic animals that is stuck in the balcony for over a year now. I'm in a process of getting rid of all kind of extras  we have in our tiny apartment. So I saw those ugly plastic animals, noticed I have new spray on the shelf, quick processing.. new recycle and way more esthetically item in the house :)
All you have to do is attach double side tape to the animal's legs to prevent falling when you spray them. First think where you want to display them so the color choice will fit! I spray them in two layers, letting the first one dry completely about an hour and then spray another coat. Now we have a new coffee table's conversation. Love it!

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