Thank you for the food on our table

Listen to this: Big brother is hungry!! For three years I'm struggling with his bad eating habits, not that he had any eating habits, he just ate nothing! He speaks fluently from age 2 his vocabulary is to be jealous of but he never said: mom, I'm hungry. Until this week. If you don't deal with this problem, you will never understand how stressful it is, to have a kid that doesn't eat. Fingers cross it's behind us. No more cheerios for dinner, from now on only real food. Not even this  :
or this-

next week will be dedicated to kid's friendly food. I'll try to gather the best ideas from real mothers and share with you daily. It wont be sophisticate, full of special ingredients and anything new. Just five ideas of how to make your kid eat what's for dinner, sometimes I find myself forgetting to go back to a good dinner idea, and we eat pasta again...
I have a friend, who is the best with kid's friendly food, but you will have to wait until next week for that, in the mean time I'll show you her idea for breakfast that she gave me last week:
When I called her to say how much I loved the yogurt and the strawberries and the kisses, she said: it's not yogurt,  it's wiped cream...corruption... (: So next week is:
 Above all,I never take for granted the food and clean water on my table and I remember to say thank you.


  1. את פשוט מעולה! מחכה כבר לשבוע הבא, מקווה שהמתכון שלי יכנס...:) נשיקות

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