Growing up

Little sister is little to her brother but ho boy (!) she has grown up so fast!!! This week was dedicated to organize all their stuff. From clothes to toys to books and to beds. It's like going through old photos, I found lovely memories in every item...So liittle sister got a big crib insted of the temporary one she had. I think she likes it!
We are moving on to a bigger one-
As I was sorting big brother's old clothes I found myself tempting to save some cool boy's clothes for her, last minute I stopped myself, remembering the dream I had to have a girly girl, not like her mommy...From now on-welcome dresses!
Last night we taped some bookplates to big brother's favorite books, and as I thought, It was a good chance to go back to some old books we don't read often..
One last thing, I'm happy to share with you my next week's planner: It's going to be a "what's for dinner week".More details about that on tomorrow's post.
Ho god, let them grow slowly....

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