Lovely Day

Valentine  day was never a big deal for us. Don't know why, but since I'm a blogger now (yoo hoo!) I had a need to be part of the celebration. A small contribution is the photo above, after all how can I separate love from kids? and who said it's only for adults?? So I'm dedicate this valentine to my amazing man and to my beautiful kids. Thanks for being in my life. Love you forever!   The truth is that I only wanted to show off my new great find...the carpet! :))) My Israeli friends, this is truly a great find, at h&o  I found this carpet that can fit a hallway or an entrance for only 35 nis! What I was doing there? looking for carter's clothes for big brother. They have a sale now and it's a great chance to buy 40% off! But that's not all...Few weeks ago big brother asked me to buy him boots like mine. The only reason I own hunter boots is because we spent 3 winters in New York, and needless to say it was necessary. I know there are Hunter Boots for kids but here in Israel? to spend that much? for one week of rain? No. I told him I'll think of something and that was it. Last week my mom called asking if I still want this boots for him. I told her I want them to be black with no Dora or any other creature...  My parents live in Beit Shemesh and there are some weird stores there...:) Any how, she found those boots for 35 nis! Love it! Big brother is soo happy. The only thing is I'm not sure when it's gonna rain again..Can't wait to take some photos of him jumping in the  puddle.


  1. Hi Efrat! Wow, what a great blog! Love your finds, and even more- you photos! That rug looks great- do you remember its dimensions by any chance? Oh, and I found you via Gili Ungar:)

    1. hi Chedva, thank you for visiting my blog! I'm glad you like it, the rug is 145cmx80cm long and narrow. for me it was perfect next to my bed. have a good day!!