DIY - cookies mix in a box

Ever since I started to feed big brother with formula I knew this boxes are a treasure.  It took me 3 years to come with an idea.... As you all know I love to bake and baking chocolate chips cookies is like making  scrambles eggs in our home. From now to now. Not a big deal. Pinterest is full of great ideas of homemade  cake/cookies mix as a gift. This is my interpretation. 
I colored spray this formula box with a thin layer and let it dry. In the mean time I packed the ingredients those cookies need. I also added the egg because I'm off to give it in the next hour to my friend. Only thing she needs to add is butter and vanilla. If you want to be extra kind add a bottle of pure vanilla inside....
Of course you have to make the box pretty :)
And don't forget to write in few steps how to use your cute gift!
In a different matter remember the post about the gift I made for little sister when she wasn't feeling very well? I finely found the right framing to that gift! I love old school framing, simple yet beautiful!

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