Photography tips

People ask me all the time how I take photos of my kids at home with no flash, well, it's simple. First you have to recognize where the best light at home is and in what time and that's it. There is no second and third. My bedroom has the best light during the day because we have a western and southern light. Our walls are white and it helps the reflection. My bed sheets are basically light color as well. All this together gives me tons of natural light to take photos during the morning hours. Sometimes I need to increase my ISO from 100 to 200 or to 250, but I always make sure the speed is no lower then 100. Kids and especially  babies  make very fast movements and our hands are not that stable..So my bedroom is my improvise daylight studio. I wish my living room was the same. 
Look at little sister how her hair grows so fast! or maybe she is having a bad hair day...

I always focus on the eyes. Unless the story of the photo is elsewhere.
Like here.
I hope this are useful tips for you. See you tomorrow with 2 great finds under 35 NIS!!! xo


  1. הילדים שלך מהממים! כל התמונות של הילדים שלי מהבית או מטושטשות או עם עיניים אדומות, ?ממש מבעס. כנראה שאני צריכה מצלמה קצת יותר איכותית יש לך המלצות למצלמה לחובבנים

    1. הי ליאת, אשמח לנסות לעזור לך תשלחי לי את המייל שלך :)