Dinner tonight - Super classico

 OK. Let's talk business. Here in Israel we have two super classico, Barcelona Real and shnizel and ptitim. Nothing can bit shnizel and ptitim! kids absolutely adore it, and let's face it us too. I'm not 100% sure but I think ptitim is orzo abroad. Today I want to introduce you to our version for that classic dish. Nothing fancy just a little upgrade..
With the egg I mix one shredded garlic clove and with the crumbs - I use Grissini Crumbs - I mix few chopped parsley leafs. Huge change believe me, and your kids will improve their tease!
Second, for the ptitim, my friend Efrat had a great suggestion, to cook them with vegetables stock instead of water. Another big improvement. Cook few vegetables in a pot full of water for 40-50 min (I used carrot, onion, celery, and  zucchini) and add salt. When the soup is cold take out the vegetables and  transfer the juice  to plastic bags and write the date.
Freeze the begs, and you are going to feel so good about yourself!! Next time you need a stock just open your freezer... I love little upgrades like this!     
Oh... when ever you cook classic Israeli food like this don'tyou dare forgetting the ketchup and the petel :)). With closed eyes big brother will finish this plate even in the middle of the night... Resolution? Don't try to be over creative with kid's food. Follow their wishes...      See you all tomorrow. xo                   

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