Yes and no

Big brother is a player. He does whatever he wants. Most of the time he is having the time of his life, after all, all he needs is a playmobil fireman in his hand and a firetruck or two...Now that he turned 3 he thinks he is superman at least. Sometimes I hold my head, trying to believe how is it possible that I'm a mother of two, being still such a needy little girl? I want to be the b e s t mom to my kids, I want to be a fun mom, I want to help them create amazing memories and to make them feel, I want to stay young  for them. What ever they want me to - I want to be able. Big part of my teen was music. I simply adored Pearl Jam and Nirvana and one more guy - Aviv Gefen. I remember reading an interview with him many years ago (...) and he was saying that his parents don't believe in curfew. Kids go to sleep when they want to, the fact that the sun is tired doesn't mean kids should go to bed. I was sooo jealous of him and his sister back then, all I wanted is to go to bed my time. Not sun time, neither parents time. My time. His parents were my heroes. So last night we found ourselves laying on the sofa, all three of us (little sister is not part of this story yet..) at  10 pm eating candies and watching The Voice with Aviv.

 A closure? I don't know,  to tell you my feeling? I'm not sure it was the best idea, but big brother sure had some good time. I'm not sure how to deal with this situation again, all I know is that would have made me very happy if my parents allowed me to watch T.V. at that hour when I was little. How do you deal with boundaries?

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  1. You are sweet..there is no right answer to this question :)