Welcome!! This is the first post that you see, and I'm embracing you my friends that you are here with me! How exiting are new starts? Creating this blog kept me busy for a while, and all I wanted is to have great readers like you! So thank you again for being here with me...
I hope you will find this blog interesting and fun like I want it to be. At the Welcome page you can read my goals, what to expect when you enter MY LOVELY MESS.. Many visitors and comments is the reason I'm here :) 
So now it's official! MY LOVELY MESS is on air and many great posts are waiting to be share. Go tell your friends!

This cute Welcome sign took me 15 minutes to make it's easy.. find some nice papers (you can use magazines adds or unused books, cereal box or - paint nice ones on a card stock) draw and cut letters, attache double side tape on the back and add a nice string (I used baker's twain - love it) and that's it! Hang it on your front door or give to a new baby to hang above the crib...
As Mickey Mouse says: "see you real soon!" 
xoxo Efrat


  1. תתחדשי הבלוג מקסים!

  2. אפשר לשאול היכן משיגים כזה חוט אדום ולבן?

    1. baker's twine
      אפשר לעשות גוגל ולמצוא מלא ספקים, רובם מחו"ל
      את שלי קניתי באטסי גם שם יש מלא חנוית שמוכרות

    2. תודה רבה!

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