Steve Jobs and us

Our home is full with craft supplies. My desk is a huge mess of punches, washi tape, lots of fabrics, crayon stickers, to make it short - big mess. When I first became a mom I had this ideal dream that me and my son will play with play-dough all day and at nights we will paint and cut and saw all cute things. Few weeks ago I printed some  figures from a cool blog  Toy-A-day (watch out this blog is addictive!) and gave it to my son. It's not that I chose Albert Einstein or Edgar Allan Poe... All I gave him to play with was Bob and Thomas (builder, train). He was happy with the gift for few minutes and then he came to me and asked: "mom, he doesn't speak, where is the push button???"  This made me laugh. If I want to please my son I better give him my iPad  or my iPhone. RIP Steve Jobs. We love you.

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