Think out side the box

Blog world is a cool place. People are nice to each other, they have on jealousy against other colleague. Blogers are optimistic they are there to have fun. That's why it's no surprise to find links to other blogs at the side bar, and blog guests ans blog swaps. One of the first blogs I ever started to follow was  Made by Joel. A super talented crafter/father. Many of his great ideas are owned by big brother now. All is very simple and accessible, all is kids friendly and most of all - FUN. I made this dog few months ago and I can tell you about two or three times I walked our poodle out  and big brother walked the box...

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  1. אפרת איזה קישור משובח!! התמכרתי לבלוג שקישרת כמו שהתמכרת לבלוג שלך. תודה