Mommy is always right.

Taking my son toy a toy store is like taking a kid to a toy store...(: He is so overwhelming with the variety that he gets confuse. He likes trains a lot, he likes big packages and from some reason he likes the cheep stuff (are you really my son??). Trying to convince him to follow my choice is not easy. The last time we visited a toy store I chose this playmobil airplane and he chose the blue train. 1:0 to mommy! Now the airplane is one of his top 5 toys, and the blue train??  the blue train is broken somewhere in his messy room...
As being a daughter to a mother as well... I'm being mistaken as well...We went to the mall to buy big brother a Hanuka gift. I looked at the toys and felt in love with a photogenic helicopter (I need some new props...). Trying to convince him to choose it was not easy as he already held in his hands a huge (!!!) box with a train and a railway. My mom was taking his side. Few days later I realized this time I was the kid who (almost) made the wrong choice. We both absolutely love his new gift. Thanks mom!

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