My little red riding hood

It was written on the wall. 2 days before Purim and little sister with no costume yet. It's 4:00 PM, SOS thinking, and I decided no mater what, she is going to have one, it must be a girly one, and it's going to be beautiful. What's more suitable for a six months old baby then little red riding hood??? 
At this very decisive moment I took a taxi on my way to one of my all time favorite place in Tel Aviv - Nachalat Beniamin. Picking fabric and accessories took me 15 minutes (I knew very fast exactly how I want it to look..) Running back home to cut the fabric, and after that to realize I made a mistake with the cape pattern.. Still optimistic..Next day, first thing, taking a taxi to Bella. This is my secret, my sewing skills are not something to be proud of especial when time is against me. Bella is an amazing sewer and she was super kind when she said she will do it only one day before purim when everything is so crazy...7:00 PM and the costume is ready! I'm thrilled! Cape, skirt and headband? have. Red body and white leggings? have. (h&M :)) All set! I didn't disappointed my baby in her first Purim. Relief.
Free tip:
just few more because I couldn't resist...
Few things I must improve: my sewing skills, my ability to photograph reds and to keep preparations on schedule for purim next year... Happy holiday!

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